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Simple and powerful defines the Jura D6 automatic coffee center. The rotary switch and text display simplify the brewing process: With the touch of a button, the Jura D6 allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The fine foam technology adds light milk foam to top off a cup of cappuccino, giving you professional quality specialty coffee at home using this Jura coffee machine. Read some of our customer reviews of the Jura D6 to see just how the Famous Jura Capresso Espresso technology improves brew experience.

Key Features of the Jura D6 automatic coffee center:
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) ensures the optimum extraction time for espresso.
A stainless steel thermoblock heating system offers two brewing temperatures.
A high pressure pump produces great flavor and crema and the fine foam technology adds a flavorful milk foam finish.
The Clearyl Smart filter cartridge removes impurities from the water to improve flavor.
Blue-tooth compatible with optional Smart Connect.
Ease of Operation

The Jura D6 automatic coffee center operates with the flip of a switch. Use the rotary switch and 11-language plain text display to select the specialty coffee you want, push the button and watch the machine whirl to life creating the perfect brew all at home. The Jura D6 coffee machine was designed to be simple to maintain, too. With the addition of the Jura Blue-tooth Smart Connect device, the D6 functionality can be expanded using the Jura App, J.O.E.

Reach New Heights

A height-adjustable coffee spout can be moved between 2.6 and 4.4 inches to accommodate cups in a range of sizes. You may use the Jura D6 coffee maker to brew espresso in a small cup or latte macchiato in a tall glass. The bonus: A height-adjustable spout on the D6 prevents splashing and produces an amazing velvet crema.

Fine Foam

Jura pioneered fine foam technology to create milk foam with a feather-light consistency. With the Jura espresso machine, all it takes is the push of a button to top your favorite specialty coffee with professional quality milk foam at home.

Efficient Elegance

A combination of sleek lines, premium materials and uncompromising workmanship are part of all Jura espresso machines and this one is no exception. The Jura D6 automatic coffee center is compact enough to fit in a small space, and the matte and gloss surfaces ensure it’s still big on style.

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